Thursday, February 8, 2007


Madelyn is getting bigger every day. She'll be 6 weeks old on Sat. Feb. 10. Mommy and Daddy weighed her on the bathroom scale and she's almost 11 pounds. She's outgrowing her newborn sized clothes. She is getting more alert, responsive, and even smiles more. It's so nice to get a smile that isn't followed by gas :)

Growing too fast

Our new little family
Deep in thought
After taking a nap with Daddy, Madelyn had a bad case of bed head
Adriana isn't quite sure what to think of Madelyn. So far Madelyn's crying just scares Adriana and makes her cry.
Pretty blue eyes

Just like Daddy, Madelyn got too hot so she kicked off her sock and stuck her toes out from under her blanket
Grandma Marks came to visit for a week
Believe it or not, Madelyn fell asleep mid-scream
Do you have a question?

New Carpet

Treece came over and installed our new carpet. It looks great! Thanks Treece :)
Daddy and Madelyn try out the new carpet
Wylee has to join in