Tuesday, October 27, 2009

La Junta trip and Antelope hunting

This picture was actually taken on our trip to La Junta in Sept. Michael, Bob and Ryan went dove hunting and Michael got one!
The first weekend of Oct we headed back to La Junta and the guys went antelope hunting. This was Michael's first hunting trip and he was successful!! Now we have yummy antelope in the freezer to eat.
Putting the tag on the antelope. Grandpa, Ryan and Michael all working on skinning the antelope.
While the guys were out hunting the ladies and kids hung out at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Xavier had fun playing with the toys.
Madelyn and Adriana had fun playing with the tool set. They thought the nuts made great glasses.
The girls also had a great time playing with play dough.
Besides preschool, this was Madelyn's first time playing with play dough. She didn't make a huge mess and had a great time.
Xavier had fun hanging out with Grandma and watching the guys skin the antelope. Uncle Dean sat at the kid's table for dinner. The girls had fun playing with Uncle Dean (or Uncle Bernie as Adriana called him).
Fun times at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We celebrated Daddy and Uncle Ryan's birthdays while we were there. Funny the birthday boys didn't get to blow out their own birthday candles. Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Dean helped the girls blow them out.
Adriana taking a big bite of cake...
...uummm, that's some good stuff!

Playing at the park

We've enjoyed getting out of the house during the beautiful fall days. Playing at the park is always a hit!
Xavier enjoyed the sunshine and swings
Madelyn loves to swing. Once she starts, she doesn't like to stop. It's hard to convince her to do anything else once she's on the swing. Xavier is just like his big sister, he loved the swings. Every time he'd go back he would kick his legs like crazy.
Xavier enjoyed the slide with Mommy
Madelyn used to go down the slide on her own, but something happened one of the last times we were at the park and now she will not go down by herself. She did enjoy going down with Daddy.
Hanging out in the grass being cute
Madelyn riding her tricycle