Friday, January 30, 2009

Madelyn 2 yr Sears shots

We took Madelyn back to Sears to get her 2-year pictures taken. Here are a few for you to enjoy!
This was one of our favorites! She looks so sweet and innocent. From innocent to a little ham! This was our other favorite. Just laying around chilling out
Our big 2 year old. Where did the time go?
Sitting pretty
Madelyn in her favorite outfit. She loves to wears dresses and if you ask her what she wants to wear she usually replies "doggy."
Smiling on the stairs
She was a little goofball, but some of those made cute shots!
And here is my nose
You can't see me smile

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just about there...

My official due date is Feb. 7, but it's very possible that this may be a January baby. Michael is hoping for the 30th because then the two kids will be exactly 2 years and 1 month apart. I'm feeling great so I don't mind going a few more weeks.

With all the new toys...

Madelyn has all kinds of new toys from Christmas and her birthday, but yet she would rather play with her hamper. Michael and Melinda just ask "Why do we spend money on toys?"

New Year 2009

We toasted in the New Year with some sparkling apple cider. Madelyn thought is was so neat to drink juice from a fancy glass

Madelyn's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Madelyn's 2nd Birthday at Chuck E Cheese's with Mickey Mouse cupcakes that Mommy made Blowing out the candles
Madelyn loved the rides and games. The Jett Rider was one of her favorites. She was having a good time even if it's hard to tell from this picture.
It was a wild ride!
Driving a car
Playing skee ball with Allison
Riding a horse
Driving with Aunt Suzette
Posing with Chuck E Cheese
Adriana and Ryan with Chuck E Cheese

Madelyn's 2nd Birthday with the Freidenberger's

Madelyn had a Mickey Mouse party this year. Luckily she took a good long nap that day so Mommy got her cake decorated. Checking out her cake with Great Uncle Dean
Uncle Ryan was festive with his set of Mickey ears
Madelyn loved being the birthday girl and having everyone sing to her
Madelyn chowed down on her cake and ice cream this year. The ice cream scoops even had Mickey "ears" but they were the first thing to be eaten off of Madelyn's plate.
Madelyn and Adriana playing with Madelyn's new blocks (Thanks Great Grandpa Poppy and Great Grandma Lois!)
Adriana actually opened all of Madelyn's birthday presents because Madelyn had no interest in doing it herself. That's what good cousins are for.

Christmas day

Santa brought Madelyn a new kitchen for Christmas There were just a couple presents under the tree
Madelyn opening one present (she quickly wore out of opening presents and just wanted to play with her new kitchen)
The Freidenberger clan after eating a wonderful Christmas dinner of noodles and butterballs
Melinda opening a gift at the gift exchange (it was stolen from her but she eventually stole it back--a pottery bowl set and a winning lottery ticket--Thanks Aunt Patty!) (by the way it was only $2 so she's still working)

Opening presents from the Marks family

A tool set from Uncle Tony A baby doll from Grandpa and Grandma Marks
A teddy bear with three outfits from Abby and Jacob
Opening presents
New blocks and an activity table from Grandpa and Grandma Marks

Making Gingerbread cookies

We made several batches of Christmas cookies, but Madelyn loved every step of making Gingerbread men.
After helping Mommy measure and mix all the ingredients, Madelyn got to lick the beater! Not that she enjoyed that job at all!
Helping Mommy roll the dough
Helping decorate with sprinkles
Some of the completed cookies

Christmas fun

Madelyn loved wearing her Santa hat. Eating her first candy cane (thanks Grandma Marks!)
Checking out Wylee cleaning up the jar of peanut butter
The three of us participated in Bethlehem revisited at our church (Northeast Christian Church). Michael was a census taker and Madelyn and Melinda were women at the well washing clothes.