Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trip to Raton and La Junta

We took our annual trip to Raton, NM to go the the NRA Whittington Center Aug. 29-Sept. 1. We spent 2 nights in Raton and then spent a night at Grandpa and Grandma's in La Junta.
Adriana won't always smile so you have to tell her "show me your teeth" and both girls did just that. Riding a tricycle at Grandpa and Grandma's. Her feet wouldn't even touch the pedals, but Madelyn loved getting pushed. Madelyn standing by the buffalo at the new museum at the NRA Whittington Center. Uncle Michael and his buddy Adriana Checking out a cricket

Annual Freidenberger Camping Trip

We took the annual Freidenberger camping trip Aug. 22-24, 2008. This year we went to Taylor Reservoir. It was beautiful and much cooler than Blue Mesa Reservoir last year. Madelyn loved being outdoors and sleeping in the tent.
The favorite activity of the weekend? Playing in the DIRT! Adriana and Madelyn playing Playing in the dirt will make a kid DIRTY!!! This was probably the dirtiest Madelyn has ever been!
The girls were all ready to go down to the reservoir and try to fish off the bank. Playing the the tent with my egg lantern Mommy didn't think about packing mittens and it was very cold in the morning so a pair of socks worked to keep Madelyn's hands worm. My favorite--corn on the cob (it's especially good when cooked on the fire).
Madelyn liked playing with the tray cover for her booster seat. She kept doing the pig nose until we got out the camera so Daddy had to help. Grandpa and Daddy fishing out of the boat. Uncle Ryan checking out the weather. Luckily the guys got off the reservoir before the storm hit. Camping will wear you out!

Misc. summer pictures

Riding rides at Bananas Fun Park Down for a little nap.
Licking a piece of candy after dinner (this was the only way she knew candy and suckers until Grandma gave her a sucker of her own during Labor Day weekend) Madelyn stole Melinda's ear of corn at the Mesa County Fair. We had a little dinner before we went the the Demolition Derby (which Madelyn loved). Looking so cute to go to church. Her hair curled up so nicely under her hat.