Thursday, April 30, 2009

La Junta trip

We took a trip to La Junta the weekend of April 18. We wished were were able to stay longer, but it was good to see the Freidenberger family. Xavier was able to meet his Grandpa Freidenberger, Great Grandpa and Grandma Freidenberger, and Great Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Harold. We just wish the drive wasn't so long. It seems like it increased in length with two kids.
Grandpa Freidenberger was trying to teach Xavier how to crawl Xavier is the first boy on the Freidenberger side since his grandpa was born 60 years ago. Great Grandpa Poppy was getting to know his first grandson.
Xavier and Poppy having another chat
Talking with Uncle Harold
Madelyn was sacked out on her blow-up bed
One of Madelyn's favorite activities is to have Daddy swing her by her feet. The camera wasn't fast enough but we were trying to get the look on her face. She has a face of pure terror, but as soon as Daddy stops she begs for more.
Licking the beaters at Grandma's house--the cream cheese layer of a lemon strata pie-yum!
Grandma did Madelyn's hair
Madelyn's first braid

Xavier getting too big too quick

Xavier is doing well. He's not so little anymore. At his two-month check-up he was 13 lbs and 23.5" (he had grown almost 6 lbs and 4") and now he's probably 15 lbs (haven't stepped on the scale with him lately). He's getting more and more rolls and it looks like he has rubber bands around his wrists. Mommy was in denial about having to pack up his 0-3 month clothes that were getting a little snug. He's such a cutie and so happy most of the time. We feel so blessed to have such good kiddos!
Xavier is such a happy little guy. He is full of smiles! Dad! What was that bright flash of light?
Story time
We may have a thumb sucker. Xavier loves to suck on his fist and often goes to town on his thumb.
Our sweet boy
He's such a happy little guy

Easter Toys!

Madelyn is such a girl. The Easter Bunny brought her paints like she wanted, but when Daddy tried to get her to finger paint, she asked for a brush because she didn't want to get messy.
Blowing bubbles with the new Dora bubble whistle Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere
Drawing with the new egg sidewalk chalk
Grandma Marks sent some Easter stickers and Madelyn put all the jelly bean stickers on her face

Easter 2009

We had a quiet Easter since the wedding was the night before and we got to bed late. We got up, went to church, came home for lunch and a nap and then ate a nice Easter dinner with just the four of us.
Madelyn on Easter morning, dressed but her hair still needed to be done. She was hunting for eggs.
Checking out the goods that the Easter Bunny brought Playing with the new slinky
Trying to open the egg to see what was inside. She loved looking for the eggs that were hidden. When you asked her what the Easter Bunny brought she didn't mention anything in the basket, she just said "candy."

Xavier was sporting a cute outfit on Easter that Grandma Freidenberger got him.

Flower Girl Madelyn

Our friends Jen Hartman and Chris Kerwood got married April 11. We were honored that they asked Madelyn to be their flower girl.
Madelyn got her hair put in sponge rollers for the big day. If all else fails, Madelyn could go as an old lady for Halloween.
She even got her toenails painted for the first time!
We attempted to lay her down early enough to get a good two hour nap before the wedding, but she didn't go along with our plan. She finally fell asleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed and got about a half-hour nap before we had to go to the church.
Whoops--maybe we should have done a practice run with the sponge rollers! Help--Daddy get a glass of water and let's see if we can make it look pretty.
Good thing she's two and there wasn't a mirror in the room or she would have been in tears!
We made the hair look good and now getting the dress on
The ring bearer (Titus Porter) kissing the flower girl. This occurred all night long. At one point Madelyn decided she had enough and after he kissed her she wiped off the kisses and stomped off the dance floor with her arms crossed over her chest.
Madelyn and her Daddy
Titus and Madelyn dancing together
They were pretty stinken cute!
Look at the way he's looking at her--that's it, we are starting to look for a house with a basement so that we can lock her up!
Dance, Dance, Dance
Madelyn found the air vents on the dance floor and had a ball running between the two and having the air blow her dress up. She was freezing to the touch but was having way to much fun to stop. Everyone was entertained!
Our own little Marilyn Monroe! At one point her dress flew so high you could see her panties, but we didn't have the camera in hand at the moment.
Madelyn showed Brenda and Allison how to have a good time
Dancing with Titus again
Dancing with Treece
Dancing while all the groomsmen did their dance
Dancing with a bridesmaid
Dancing with the groom Chris during the dollar dance
Madelyn even danced with boys younger than her
Joining everyone and dancing to the Shout song
Michael, Melinda and Xavier dancing
The entire Marks Family dancing together. Madelyn loved dancing with everyone except Mom and Dad.