Friday, August 24, 2007


We went on our first camping trip Aug. 17-19. Madelyn was literally a "Happy Camper." We went with Suzette, Ryan, Adriana, Grandpa and Grandma.
Happy to be hanging out with Dad in our baseball caps. Daddy didn't like Madelyn's bill hitting him in the head, so he had to turn her cap around.
Taking a nap in the tent. Madelyn got to sleep between Mommy and Daddy.
Adriana is making sure Grandpa is getting the tent up correctly.

Eating is messy but fun

The bib says it all, not to mention the thumbs up! Prunes are Madelyn's favorite.
Prunes are so good that we had to lick the dish (maybe she's been watching Wylee too much)
I'm so cute, even with food all over my face

Summer Fun

Playing in my new pool Daddy got for me. It has a palm tree, a ride-on dolphin, a ring stacker, a rainbow, and a whale slide!
Hanging out with Wylee in the back yard.
I'm a big girl now! Forget relaxing and watching the fish, I can get up close!
Sometimes Madelyn gets all sideways in the crib

Laughing at Boo

Madelyn loves to play peek-a-boo and she especially loves to be scared. When she's happy she likes to scrunch up her nose and breath in and out. He's a little clip to enjoy!