Saturday, May 12, 2007

First Family Vacation

We just got back from our first family vacation. We drove to Sedona, AZ. We had a great time. Mommy and Daddy quickly figured out that vacationing with a baby is very different from vacationing as a couple. We loved being able to spend an entire week together as a family. Madelyn seemed to grow and develop so much while we were gone. She really discovered her tongue and now she loves to stick it out and try to blow wet raspberries. She also enjoys playing with toys and using both hands to explore. We can get her to giggle by making faces, raspberries, and tickles. Being parents is so much fun!
This was Madelyn's first time swimming. She was very mellow--she didn't kick, splash, or laugh, but she didn't cry either.
Just kicking back and relaxing. Daddy is holding my new favorite toy. Mommy let me play with it in the toy store and I cried when she took it so she could pay for it.
What should we have for dinner?
I love flying! It's fun when I hit turbulence and landing is pretty cool too!
Vacation will wear a girl out
I'm so hungry that I think I'll eat Daddy's nose
Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses

This was Madelyn's first time in her stroller without being strapped in the car seat. She enjoyed being able to look around.
Madelyn and Mommy checking out baby emus
Daddy and I had a great time playing with the baby in the mirror
I love to stand these days!

The Grand Canyon

We drove up the the Grand Canyon on May 8. It was amazing! We decided that when Madelyn is older we will have to go back and spend a few days. We walked about 1 mile of the rim and only saw 2 little patches of the Colorado River.
Looking out over the edge
Could the background get any better than this for a family picture?
Daddy hiking with his little girl
No! Not my sunglasses, I hate wearing those!
The awe-inspiring Grand Canyon
Looking out over the edge

Beautiful Sedona

This picture was taken outside the lobby of the resort. We were walking to dinner and glad that we brought the camara along.

The view from the town of Jerome, AZ

April 2007

The dress came off and Mommy thought Madelyn looked so sweet with her bloomers and the matching bow in her hair.
On April 29 Madelyn was part of the Baby Dedication service at Northeast Christian Church. She was an angel and slept through the service. She looked so pretty in her dress Kari bought.
Being naked, doing some tummy time, and looking oh so cute!
So sleepy! I'm glad I got Uncle Tony trained to hold in my pacifier for me.
Uncle Tony came out to see me from El Paso for a few days. He's the first person I flirted with--I'd smile real big and then hide my head and then do it again. We had so much fun that I couldn't keep my eyes open when we went to the airport.

Madelyn fell asleep before church while playing with Jerry the Giraffe
Watching the leaves on the tree while hanging out with Dad early in the morning
I'm such a big girl in my new chair!
I'll hold onto my pacifier while I sleep