Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Madelyn's 3 month Sears pics

Melinda took Madelyn to get her 3 month pictures done at Sears. We got some great shots! Hope everyone enjoys.
So happy
You can get me on my tummy, but don't even try to get my hands underneath me.
Just smilin' and a kickin'
Such a pretty girl!
Taking this many pictures will make a girl tired
So pathetic
The look before the big cry

Monday, April 9, 2007

Madelyn's 1st Easter

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We did! We went to church (both the sunrise and the 9 am services) then we came home and had lunch. Aunt Suzette, Uncle Ryan, Adriana, Treece, Allison, Nate, Brenda, and Titus joined us for lunch.
Hanging out with my Easter baskets
My new friends
Some of my new toys from the Easter bunny and Grandma and Grandpa Freidenberger
Next year I'll be hunting these eggs instead of just taking a picture with them
My new bib that Great Grandma Lois made

3 months old already

Playing on my Baby Einstein mat and hugging my Pooh bear blanket
Daddy touches my face so I touch his face
Aunt Suzette and Adriana came over and Adriana got her hair done while sitting in the sink. She's pretty darn cute!