Friday, March 7, 2008

February pictures

Madelyn is now 14 months old. She is pulling up on everything and cruises all along the furniture. She has 8 teeth and 2 bottom molars just cut through the surface. She has figured out how to drink from a straw. We use sign language and she signs eat, milk, please, thank-you, monkey, bird, more, sleep, and all-done. She can locate her head, nose, ears, tummy, and belly button. When we read nursery rhymes she lifts her foot up for This little piggy, rocks to rock-a-bye baby, and claps to Pat-a-Cake. We have so much fun every day and feel very blessed.
Ice cream is good stuff! Madelyn's hair is getting long enough that it is almost in her eyes. Melinda pulls it up, but this day Madelyn decided to pull out the rubber band.
I love to lick ice cream.
One of Madelyn's favorite things to do is to read books. She loves to sit in her rocking chair (which was Suzette and Melinda's when they were little) and read.
Double fisting it. Madelyn is getting very proficient with a fork.
We all drove to La Junta the weekend of Feb. 23 for Great Grandpa Freidenberger's 80th Birthday. Madelyn loved going walking with Great Grandpa and nobody could take his place or she would cry.
Madelyn enjoyed visiting with other people besides Mommy and Daddy! She put her arms out and squeezed her hands together if she wanted to go to someone else.
Checking things out with Great Uncle Harold
Great Aunt Patty taught me that "jewelry good, kitchen appliances bad." Good advice if dad ever lets me date (maybe when I'm 30).
Aunt Suzette is reading the tractor book to Madelyn.
Hanging out with Uncle Ryan
Madelyn was walking across the dance floor with Aunt Suzette and Adriana came up and grabbed Madelyn's hand and asked her "Can you walk"
Playing the up and down game with Great Uncle Dean while Adriana watches.
Adriana and Madelyn playing together at Grandpa and Grandma Freidenberger's.
Got milk?
A future doctor?
Madelyn wore her cheerleader dress for Superbowl Sunday.
Melinda went on a girls trip to Las Vegas and left Madelyn and Michael at home for 3 nights! Here's Brenda, Katie, Melinda and Allison at Folies Bergere.