Monday, May 10, 2010

Mobility Man

Xavier took his first unassisted steps on Sun, April 25th. We had just gotten home from church and Mommy stood him down and he actually stood there and took a few steps instead of falling right down. He would still rather crawl than walk at this point. He loves to walk holding onto one finger or will walk when being passed back and forth, but hasn't gotten brave enough to take off on his own. I'm sure it won't be much longer before he gets the hang of it.
Xavier now crawls on his hands and knees instead of doing his army crawl. He still army crawls every once in a while, but mainly gets around on his hands and knees. Such a big boy
If you try to chase him he generally comes at you instead of getting away from you.
He loves to push the dining room chair around.
Who needs a walking toy when you can just push a chair down the hall?

Lazy mornings

We love it when Mommy and Daddy don't have to work and we have no where to be in the mornings. We like to all hang out in Mommy and Daddy's bed and watch cartoons. Does life get any better? Our little cuddle bug

Easter Sunday 2010

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought before heading off to church
Madelyn showing her shaker egg and pink pearl necklace and bracelet
Xavier and his peeps (because Easter can't be complete without the Peeps)
Xavier caught on very quickly to hunting Easter eggs. Him and Madelyn practiced for a couple weeks before the big day.
Madelyn filling up her basket with eggs
Checking out what was in the eggs
The Easter bunny brought a new sandbox and lots of sand toys. The kiddos love it!
Mommy even got to play in the new sand box
Xavier does pretty well but will try to eat the clumps of clay or any big rocks.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting ready for Easter

We went the the mall to have a picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Madelyn was very excited and ran right up to him and sat on his lap to have her picture taken. Xavier was TERRIFIED of him. We tried to sit Xavier on the bunny's lap, sitting next to the bunny, and standing in front of him. Every time Mommy attempted to let go he screamed and shook with fear. So needless to say, we just have a picture of Madelyn with the Easter Bunny. Xavier loved wearing the bunny ears. He kept them on for long periods of time and would try to put them on again if they fell off.
Mommy bought a Bunny House to decorate last year but we never did it, so we made sure to do it this year. Madelyn loved it and did an amazing job putting all the candy in place.
She tried to do some piping on the windows. The icing was a little hard since it had been sitting for a year. It was fun to decorate, pretty to look at, but we didn't even attempt to eat it.
Madelyn was proud of the finished Bunny House.
Time to decorate some eggs!

Just for fun

Time to wash the laundry
I'm so tired that I have to hold my head up or it just might fall into my plate
We've had some beautiful spring weather. We've all enjoyed going on a few bike rides.
The little monkey isn't walking yet, but he can climb on everything. We left the boy alone for 30 seconds and came back to see him standing on the picnic table.
Mommy had to work one Saturday so Daddy and the kiddos got to go fishing at Corn Lake.
They didn't catch any fish but did get to have a close up encounter with the geese.
Madelyn in her new apron Amazingly he has never fell asleep in his highchair. This is a common occurrence where he's so sleepy he just has to hold his head up to suck his thumb.
The aftermath of Xavier's first Oreo cookie
Cute little man
ABCD for those about to rock (Mommy's favorite shirt)
Sweet little girl
Wearing her new favorite shirt.
Happy little man who loves to eat!
Wearing Mommy's shoes and attempting to carry Mommy's purse
Mommy made chocolate pudding from scratch....YUM!!

Madelyn doesn't make near the mess that Xavier does, but she also enjoys her food

mini trip to Denver

We wanted to get out of town for a couple nights so after church on March 7 we headed over the mountains. We went to Denver and stayed for two nights. While we were there, a major rock slide occurred on I-70 in the Glenwood Canyon. It was a LONG drive home with the detour. It's always nice to get away but always good to come home.
This was Xavier's first trip in his new, forward-facing car seat. The poor kid couldn't sleep well because his head kept falling. We stopped to try to find a little neck pillow but they didn't have one so we had to improvise with some towels. Poor kid. We did go to Babies-R-Us in Denver and found a better solution for the ride home. On Monday we went to the Children's Museum. It was a ton of fun!
Madelyn had fun dancing with tap shoes, a Tu-Tu and scarves.
On Tuesday we went the the Aquarium. Both kiddos seemed to enjoy it and then we ate lunch at the restaurant there. It was a nice way to end our little getaway.
It's a bubble girl!!

Dance class

Madelyn is taking a ballet class on Monday mornings. She enjoys it and is looking forward to the recital the first weekend in June.
All ready for dance class. There is a box of dress-up clothes so she had to put on a princess hat before class started. Xavier has fun playing with toys while Madelyn is in class.