Friday, September 18, 2009

Madelyn as Tinkerbell

Madelyn loves Tinkerbell. We got a Halloween costume catalog in the mail and she wants to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. We found a dress-up outfit that was less expensive than the costume. She got to try it on the other day and she loves it!
Daddy even got some pixie dust so that she could fly. She had a ball throwing some of it in the air.

Annual trip to Raton and La Junta

We did our annual trip over the Labor Day weekend. We drove to Raton, NM to the NRA Whittington Center for their Founder's weekend event and then we went to La Junta.
The newest member of the family. Little Amelia Ann Swygman was born Aug. 21st. She was just two weeks old on the trip. We saw some wildlife again. This antelope was just outside our cabin.
Xavier was having a talk with Great Grandma Lois and Great Grandpa Poppy.
Playing peek-a-boo with a wipe and blowing is good!
Another little girl came over to play with Madelyn and Adriana and Madelyn gave her a hug
The girls learned what a pop machine is
Amelia sleeping away on her Mommy in the Moby. She looked so cute holding her hands together!
Madelyn wanted to give the horse a kiss
Xavier on top of the horse
Madelyn's turn to be on the horse
The Marks family
The Swygman family
Adriana and Madelyn did a watercolor painting at Grandma and Grandpa's
We got out Suzette and Melinda's old Dr. kit and tool kit and the girls had fun playing with them.
Learning how to cut using Mommy's old scissors
Xavier loved eating Rocky Ford watermelon

Madelyn's first day of preschool

Madelyn started preschool Sept 1st and LOVES it!!! She goes to Kids of the Kingdom at our church.
In the car ready to go, she was very excited! Pinky gets to go with her but she only comes out at nap time.
Very happy to be at preschool! She ran in and had to give Ms. Diane a hug
Showing Ms. Diane and some other kids her show-and-tell item: alligators in the ark (A was the letter of the week)
Putting away her pillow and blanket in her cubby for nap time. At the end of the day she told Daddy "I want to go back again!"

Xavier 6 month and family pics

We took Xavier back to Sears to get his 6 month pictures taken and while we were there we did some family pictures as well. It actually took two visits to get all pictures taken because he was very tired the first time. He was almost 7 months before we got them complete, but we think they turned out great!
Our sweet guy I love the look on his face in this one! Such a happy and delightful guy Sears actually took this one and put in on the wall outside the studio. When he's older I'm sure he will love to know that his butt was displayed for all to see.
I think our little girl looks very pretty and I love the colorwash they did with the picture.
This one is also on the wall at Sears.
He's got dimples in his butt, but we love him! I got a big one like this to put up next to Madelyn's 6-month butt picture. The question is, how old will they be when they tell me to take them down off the wall?
We were done taking pictures, but then I was getting such big smiles out of him that I asked her to take another picture, and so glad I did. It's about my favorite!
Our cute kiddos
It was so hard to get both of them to smile at the same time
About my favorite of the two together
A family shot
My favorite of the four of us
I love the look on Madelyn's face in this one
Another favorite--she kissed him without us asking. What a sweet sister.
I like this one a lot since Xavier often just stares at his sister.
Xavier just wanted to get to Madelyn's dress to chew on it

The faces of Xavier

Xavier can be quite the little ham these days! He makes so many faces. We love it when he scrunches up his nose and breathes through his nose and even snorts. He keeps us laughing!

Fun kiddos

Having fun playing on Daddy Trying to catch the light No teeth yet (that would be food hanging down)
Xavier loves to get his toes
And they make good chew toys too!
Playing in the mirror
Madelyn's favorite treat these days is a push-up pop
Xavier loves his taggy ball! Thanks Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Harold!
Madelyn wearing her cowboy boots and riding her horse.
What's up Spike?
Xavier loves to drink from a cup.
The little boy loves his dog! He doesn't get scared when she kisses him or even when she barks.
Drinking Mommy's water and looking silly
Madelyn has been on a kick lately where she loves to play in her "spaceship". I had to use the flash to get the picture to come out, but they were playing in the dark in the closet. She told me "Mommy, the angels are here with us so leave us alone."
Daddy really decked out Madelyn's spaceship by putting a mirror surface in the spaceship. She can even draw on it with markers. We often have to drag out all the toys in the closet so she can play in the spaceship.
Madelyn hanging out with Xavier in his crib one morning
Xavier loves to ride the lion! He was chasing Madelyn who was riding on her "car"
The did laps all around the house one morning.
Trying on Daddy's cowboy boots
Xavier loved chewing on the empty cob.
Madelyn is always asking where things come from. Our neighbor Crystal invited us over to pick some peaches off her tree. Madelyn enjoyed it and we loved eating the peaches!
Xavier now rides in the wagon with Madelyn. Peaches are his favorite and he was trying to get to them before we got home.
You eat the peaches inside the box, not the box, little buddy!