Sunday, October 5, 2008

Peanut's Ultrasound

Melinda is now 22 weeks pregnant and feeling great. We were able to have the 20-week ultrasound performed on Sept. 22. Everything looks good so far. This baby is a mover, much more than Madelyn was. We love the surprise factor, but it was very obvious, We are having a.... (scroll down for the answer)
Melinda's tummy is getting bigger and bigger Peanut's (the baby's nickname) foot A profile shot of little Peanut Melinda knew the ultrasound tech from a Kindermusik class she did a little 4-D for us. This is Peanut sucking on its hand. You can see the eyes, nose, lips, hand, and chin. (She told us the best time for 4-D is between 26-28 weeks, after the baby has put on a little fat but before it is too squished) Even the baby gave us a thumb's up sign!
So it was very obvious that We are having a BABY!!!! (not a puppy or kitten) We love the surprise factor too much. Before the tech even had a chance to ask Melinda blurted out that we didn't want to know the baby's sex, so she didn't even scan that area of the baby.

Orlando Vacation

We had the opportunity to take a family vacation to Orlando for a week in September. We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Villages which was a very nice resort. We ended up with two, one-bedroom units that were hooked together so Madelyn had her very own unit (what a lucky kid). We loved Orlando and look forward to going back when Madelyn and her younger sibling are a little older.
Melinda and Madelyn swinging at our resort. On the afternoon of the first day in Orlando we drove to Canaveral Beach and played in the water and sand for a couple hours. Madelyn loved jumping waves, playing in the sand, and rubbing sand on Mommy and Daddy's backs. Feeling the water and wet sand on our toes.
Madelyn and Mommy having fun in the water Madelyn was pointing to all the waves coming in A day at the beach will tire a poor girl out. She fell asleep on the way back to Orlando, mid-snacking as seen by the cracker still in hand.
The first ride in Orlando for Madelyn was the carousel at SeaWorld. She loved it so much that she cried when the ride stopped and we had to get off. She hasn't been using sign language since she took off talking a few months ago, but when the ride would stop she would sign "more" and "please". Madelyn and Michael on the Swishy Fishies. Melinda and Madelyn on the Jazzie Jellies. The Marks family at the Makahiki Luau at SeaWorld. We all enjoyed the show and Madelyn loved the fire dancers. Madelyn and Michael riding the Walt Disney World Railroad.
Madelyn loved riding the horses on Cinderella's Golden Carousel. Luckily it didn't have a line so we were able to ride it multiple times. Madelyn holding hands with her new friend. Madelyn generally sleeps only in her crib or in her car seat, but she was so exhausted that she actually fell asleep in her stroller and took a 1.5 hour nap while we walked around the park. Taking a picture with Dumbo (we didn't actually ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant because it always had a long line and no fast pass option). Madelyn and Mommy kicking back on the Liberty Belle Riverboat.
Pooh was the only character we met. While standing in line, Madelyn was very excited and said she was going to say "hi" to him and give him a "hug", but when we actually got up to him she wanted to see him, but only from the comfort of mom's arms. Watching the Spectromagic parade from Daddy's shoulders. Playing in the water at our resort. Madelyn loved the sharks at Sea World! Madelyn next to a tiger at Rafiki's Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom.
Vacationing is so much fun and I'm such a ham! Madelyn checking out the hippo along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail in Africa at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Melinda and Madelyn on the TriceraTop Spin in DinoLand at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Madelyn loved the TriceraTop Spin so much that she got to go again, but this time with Daddy. Melinda and Madelyn spinning in the teacups at the Mad Tea Party.
Thanks to Grandma Freidenberger, Madelyn loves suckers. She got to have one the second day at the Magic Kingdom. She was covered with blue and pink from ear to ear by the time we took it away from her so we could ride on a ride. Next to the Lego people in Downtown Disney. Madelyn loved the chocolate mousse cheesecake at the House of Blues Restaurant in Downtown Disney. Madelyn hanging out at home with Mickey and Minnie in her Minnie Mouse ears personalized with her name on the back. Back at home and all wearing our new Mickey shirts.