Tuesday, March 24, 2009

7 weeks old!

Melinda loves her new camera even though she hasn't really figured out how to use it. On Sunday March 22 she got down and took some pictures of Xavier since he's already 7 weeks old.
What a cute little boy!!!
A little smile. He gives such big smiles but it seems like we can't ever get them on camera.
So handsome in his little outfit

morning cuddle time

Both kids got to cuddle with Daddy one Saturday morning. Madelyn was giving Xavier lots of kisses on his hand. Wylee had to join in on the kissing fun

Madelyn loves berries

Yummy berries turn my mouth, tongue and fingers red Looks like I got into mom's lipstick

Playmat time

Madelyn loves to lay down with Xavier on his play mat and watch the star play music and light up.

cute pictures

Strike a pose Smiling at Daddy
Madelyn helps feed her little brother
Big stretch!
Madelyn's hair is long enough to do "real" pig tails
Asleep with arms out straight
Cuddling up with a blanket


We started a parent-tot gymnastics class. Madelyn loves it!
First we have to stretch and warm up
Swinging on the rings like a monkey Jumping down the trampoline
Singing our good-bye song

Grandma Freidenberger visits!

Aunt Suzette and Uncle Ryan headed to Vegas for a weekend and Michael had to go to Denver, so Grandma Freidenberger came over to spend time with Melinda and the three grandkids. We took a trip to Dinosaur Journey in Fruita where the girls got to play.
At first the girls wanted to go dig for bones, but then both were reluctant to get in. Madelyn would only get in if Grandma would hold her. Checking out the water.
The girls played really well together. Madelyn refers to Adriana as "my Ana."
Adriana had fun looking for bones
We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig. At first we couldn't get them in, and then we couldn't get them out!
Both girls needed a bath after playing all day
Grandma gets to lotion up the pink flamingo and Minnie Mouse after a bath so they can get to bed.

The newest member of the family

This is Old Blue, the newest resident in the Marks household. He is a blue lobster, or as Madelyn says "blue lopter." Madelyn loves him and loves to feed him. He has scared us twice because he has molted and we thought he was dead. We just didn't want Madelyn to be heartbroken and the store has no more to replace the little fellow.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Our cute kiddos!

Madelyn still loves her little brother. We placed him next to her and she didn't want us to pick him up. She loves to lay with him and they do tummy time together. Xavier found his thumb (this was a one-time deal so far) The weather is finally getting nice enough that we can play outside. Madelyn prefers to wear her sunglasses on top of her head instead of over her eyes. We have tried to tell her many times that they do more good on her eyes, but she thinks they are more fashionable on top of her head.
Madelyn still loves suckers!! As she would say "it's my fav-rit."
Our handsome little guy
Xavier was on Madelyn's bed while she was getting dressed. He wanted his pacifier but wouldn't keep it in, so Madelyn's baby helped him out. The funny thing was that he had his hand wrapped around the baby.

Grandma visits

Grandma Freidenberger came to visit for 5 days and meet her grandson. Madelyn loved having Grandma visit.

Mommy's Old!

Melinda is officially into the next decade of life. She felt old for a little bit, but then she remembered that no matter how old she is, Michael will always be older.

Daddy time!

Madelyn helped Daddy hang her new window covering. She drilled holes... and hammered in the screw anchors. Xavier took his first bottle on Sun. Feb. 22. He ate it up with no problems.
Nothing like a good nap once you have a full belly
Another Sunday afternoon nap with Daddy
Both kiddos look like their Daddy

Bath Time

Xavier is still not a fan of bath time, but it makes for some cute pics
He always stops crying when you have him on his side or belly. He had to check himself out in the mirror. Not a happy fellow
I see you!