Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Xavier 18 month pictures

Time sure does fly by with little ones. Xavier is already 18 months and walking and talking. We took him to Sears to get pictures taken and he did a pretty good job. He kept wanting to walk off the backdrop and he was fascinated by the light on the floor. He knew he was supposed to sit or stand on that light.
He is still such a happy little guy! Lookin' so cool in my shades at the beach.
Xavier and Dos his doggy.
Sitting up so big.
One of the few he's not smiling in, but such a sweet little face, especially with the softened focus.
Xavier loves to play with his belly button. Belly button is too much to say, so he just calls it his "butt" (because all buttons are a butt at this point). This one is about Mommy's favorite, just love the expression on his face.
He's getting so big. He's not our baby any longer, he is officially a toddler.