Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting bigger ever day

Daddy and I looking so cool in our shades. Mommy finally found a pair of sunglasses that I don't mind wearing.
Madelyn is starting to sit up on her own now
Madelyn is very interested in drinking from a cup. She loves to watch mommy and daddy take a drink and is always trying to grab the glass. Here she tries her first sip of water.
This cute dress was mommy's when she was a baby. Great Grandma and Grandpa Bay bought it for her in Hawaii
Madelyn's cut little feet hanging out of the blanket
Daddy set up my jumperoo--it's lots of fun!

Do you think I look like Dad?
I don't really like to wear shoes, but they are great to chew on!
Four generations: Grandma Freidenberger, Great Grandpa Bay, Mommy and Madelyn
Great Grandma Elizabeth wanted to hold me, but I wasn't as excited. Sometimes I can be a real Mama's girl.