Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter 2008

The Marks Family - Easter 2008
Two of the cutest little girls in pretty Easter dresses - Adriana Marie and Madelyn Leslie
Hunting Easter eggs
The Easter Bunny brought a wagon and a basket full of good stuff!
Talk about BLING!!
Madelyn's favorite word right now is "Uh-Oh." We are trying to teach her that if you purposely drop something it's not an "uh-oh" it's a "no-no."
Between all my teeth (I'm up to 10 now) and my pigtails, Mommy calls me her little toddler instead of her little baby
I can be quite the ham for the camera these days
Saving a little yogurt for later
I love doing circles around the house in my Pooh car. I love to wear my riding hat (I just have to steal it off Daddy's head first)