Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grandma Marks and Uncle Tony visit

Grandma Marks flew in from Ohio and Uncle Tony came from El Paso to see us. Grandma hadn't seen Madelyn since she was 6 weeks old.
Playing with a little Potato Head with Uncle Tony.
Madelyn playing ball with Grandma.
Michael, Madelyn, Melinda, Cherrylyn and Anthony Marks in front of the buffalo in downtown Grand Junction.
We drove down to Gateway, CO and went through the car museum. They had just had a car show and this one was in the parking lot waiting to go home. Michael decided that this is what he wants for Christmas.
For a belated Mother's Day gift, we rented a limo and went wine tasting. We all had a great time!
Cherrylyn and her two boys in the back of the limo.
Tony, Cherrylyn and Michael at the bar tasting many great wines at St. Katheryn's.
Mommy and Daddy still love each other, and they know how to embarrass Tony.
Loving on Mommy
Eating breakfast downtown
Madelyn loves to look out the window (just like Wylee)
Eating a lime
Walking upstairs with Daddy
Madelyn loves to put anything with a strap over her arm like a purse, doesn't matter if it's a metal basket, a bag, or Dad's shoes.