Thursday, November 6, 2008

Madelyn's first trip to Ohio

We went to Ohio October 9-13 for Madelyn's first trip back to where Daddy was raised. This was also Madelyn's first time to meet Grandpa Marks.
The weather was beautiful the entire time and the leaves were gorgeous! Grandma and Grandpa Marks with Madelyn Madelyn and Daddy walking with Uncle Sonny to check out the creek at Great Grandfather Brown's property (where Daddy played when he was a little boy)
Madelyn walking with Daddy across the field at Great Grandfather's.
Three cousins: Abby, Madelyn and Jacob
Uncle Tony, Aunt Missy, Jacob, Abby, Michael, Madelyn, and Melinda
Great Uncle Floyd, Great Aunt Joann, Melinda, Madelyn, Michael, Grandpa Marks and Grandma Marks
Madelyn often sleeps with her baby over her head but we loved how Madelyn had a new face
Madelyn riding her new tricycle that Grandpa and Grandma Marks had for her
Madelyn liked playing with Grandpa Marks' poker game. As she played with it she would say "winning, winning"