Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Madelyn's 2nd Birthday with the Freidenberger's

Madelyn had a Mickey Mouse party this year. Luckily she took a good long nap that day so Mommy got her cake decorated. Checking out her cake with Great Uncle Dean
Uncle Ryan was festive with his set of Mickey ears
Madelyn loved being the birthday girl and having everyone sing to her
Madelyn chowed down on her cake and ice cream this year. The ice cream scoops even had Mickey "ears" but they were the first thing to be eaten off of Madelyn's plate.
Madelyn and Adriana playing with Madelyn's new blocks (Thanks Great Grandpa Poppy and Great Grandma Lois!)
Adriana actually opened all of Madelyn's birthday presents because Madelyn had no interest in doing it herself. That's what good cousins are for.