Friday, March 6, 2009

Our cute kiddos!

Madelyn still loves her little brother. We placed him next to her and she didn't want us to pick him up. She loves to lay with him and they do tummy time together. Xavier found his thumb (this was a one-time deal so far) The weather is finally getting nice enough that we can play outside. Madelyn prefers to wear her sunglasses on top of her head instead of over her eyes. We have tried to tell her many times that they do more good on her eyes, but she thinks they are more fashionable on top of her head.
Madelyn still loves suckers!! As she would say "it's my fav-rit."
Our handsome little guy
Xavier was on Madelyn's bed while she was getting dressed. He wanted his pacifier but wouldn't keep it in, so Madelyn's baby helped him out. The funny thing was that he had his hand wrapped around the baby.