Saturday, June 13, 2009

San Diego trip

We took our first vacation as a family of four to San Diego June 5-12. We got a direct flight from Grand Junction to Los Angeles and then took the two hour drive to San Diego. We went to the beach, the world famous San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and Sea World. We had lots of fun but we all were exhausted and ready to come back home.
Xavier's first ride in the stroller without the car seat. He had his sun hat on and was ready to go! Madelyn also had her sun hat on and was ready to go check out Sea World!
Madelyn went chasing after some birds on the beach, she thought it was great fun.
Xavier hanging out with Mommy on the beach.
Xavier with Daddy. Daddy quickly figured out that Xavier hated getting his feet wet in the ocean (it was a little chilly)!
Playing in the sand and looking cute
Xavier refused to be carried any other way than facing out most of the trip. The poor baby was so tired and just crashed so Mommy got to hold his head up. At home he sleeps for at least an hour, but he became the master at cat naps on the trip (he didn't want to miss out on too much).
Madelyn squatted down and said "I love you sheep"
Petting a lamb at the petting paddock at the zoo.
Hanging out with Leonardo the Lion at the zoo.
Madelyn loves rides! She is on Elmo's Flying Fish at Sea World.
Getting dizzy on Abby's Sea Star Spin!
Poor guy was so tired, but needed a bath before bed so we gave him a quick bath in the sink.
We were able to buy nectar and feed the Lorikeets at the Wild Animal Park. Madelyn wasn't so sure of the experience, but as soon as we walked out of the cage she said "Let's get more and do it again."
The last day of our trip we went to Legoland. The kids weren't quite old enough to enjoy it all but Mommy and Daddy were impressed with all the Lego's. Madelyn recognized R2-D2 because she plays with one at home that Daddy has.
Xavier woke up very happy after taking another cat nap
Madelyn and Daddy riding Oscar's Rocking Eel. She kept her hands up and "screamed" during the ride, not because she was scared but because that's what she saw the "big girls" do on the carnival rides.
Xavier sucked his thumb and fell asleep while Madelyn and Daddy went on rides.
HELP!!! Madelyn was eaten by a shark!
Sliding down the fire pole
Driving the ambulance away from the hospital
Fighting Darth Vader