Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lake Tahoe trip

We took a trip to Lake Tahoe Oct. 9-15. We drove to Salt Lake City and then took a flight to Reno. We got to enjoy the area for a couple of days and then Michael attended a conference on real estate investing with his brother.
Madelyn loved looking out the window before take off.
Madelyn's first flight
The first morning in Lake Tahoe we woke up to snow. This was our rental car--a neon green Dodge Charger with a hemi. Michael loved driving it!
Our tiny bedroom. Madelyn loved the mirrors all around.
They call me bucket head
The family picture taken above Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe.
This is the view half-way down the trail to see the castle. What a beautiful sight!

We took the steep 1.1 mile hike down to Emerald Bay to see Vikingsholm Castle.
Madelyn loved watching the ducks.
It was fun to hang out with Uncle Tony!
Checking out mom's apple before I try to chew on it.