Monday, July 27, 2009

La Junta visit

Michael had to work the weekend, so Melinda and the two kiddos drove down to La Junta for a visit with the Freidenberger Family.
Great Grandma Lois looks on as Madelyn eats her first popsicle! Grandma Freidenberger has a things for introducing Madelyn to food with sticks. First suckers, now popsicles. After the popsicle fell off the stick, Madelyn had to have a bowl for it. It was so good that she drank the little that had melted.
We took Madelyn's "blow-up bed" for her to sleep in and she wanted to blow it up. I showed her how much easier and faster it is with the motor that came with the bed.
Helping Grandpa pull weeds.
Grandpa was playing on the floor with Xavier and trying to teach him to crawl.
Madelyn liked blowing bubbles with Grandma.
Mommy put Xavier to sleep and then was working on getting Madelyn to bed when Xavier starting crying. Grandma and Grandpa couldn't stand to hear him so sad so they went and rescued him. Xavier became Grandpa's good buddy after they took a little walk outside and looked at all the trees and Tar the dog.
Xavier wants real food (not the pureed baby food) so bad. He was reaching for the magazine and laughing at the pictures of all the food. He tried to eat the magazine as well.
Xavier and Grandma played with the baby in the mirror.
Xavier was trying to eat the fruit bowl, not the fruit, just the bowl. Drool was just running down the side of the bowl.
Madelyn didn't want to take a nap so Grandma laid down with her. She kept saying "but Grandma, I'm not tired"
When we got home Xavier graduated to sweet potatoes. He's still not sure about them.