Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mohawk man

So I'd never go out in public with Xavier's hair spiked into a mohawk, but I had to do it to get some pictures. It's too cute not to do it.
So Happy! From the side you can see it's a mohawk, not a pony tail on his head
Asleep and sucking his thumb (I had to leave the room to get him to go to sleep and he woke up as soon as I took the picture).
Getting very sleepy. This is when the thumb goes in the mouth.
Madelyn wanted her picture taken as well. Xavier just loves his big sister. He just smiles at her and laughs. I tried to do these when she was supposed to be napping, but I did get the biggest smiles with her help.
She really does love him even though it looks like she's about to eat him.