Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun times

Madelyn loves to help feed Xavier his puffs. She always asks "Can Xavier share his puffs?" The two love to snack on them together.
The first time she ever fed him some she opened her mouth just like Mommy and Daddy do when we feed him.
Playing together in the cardboard tunnel.
"Don't forgot to pack me"
Once again we wonder why we buy toys for the kids. Xavier was totally happy with the broccoli stem one day.
Xavier loves to stand up and play. He's not standing on his own yet, but is starting to master pulling himself up to a standing position.
Madelyn thought she was a toy by sitting in one of the drawers from her toy box.
Xavier still loves his puppy!! Sometimes he's more excited to see the dog than Mommy or Daddy.
Madelyn standing next to the pile of leaves in the front yard. She has her own rake so that she can help Daddy get them all raked up.