Friday, November 20, 2009

Xavier's 9 month pictures

Time is flying by so fast. Xavier is already 9 months old. He is still such a delight every day. We just hope he stays this happy all of his life.
This picture almost makes me sad because he doesn't look like a baby, he looks like a little boy.
Such a handsome fellow I love this one!
Such a cutie!!
It won't be long before he outgrows all his rolls. If only those rolls were cute on adults like they are on a baby.
Showing off the two bottom toofers
Our little scholar
Our little bright eyed boy
Gotta love a hard workin' boy!
One of my favorites (although it's hard to choose), I love the way the color came out in this one
Love his little smile with his bottom lip tucked in
Such a big boy--doesn't want to hold on to stand up (he was leaning on my legs though)