Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just for fun

Time to wash the laundry
I'm so tired that I have to hold my head up or it just might fall into my plate
We've had some beautiful spring weather. We've all enjoyed going on a few bike rides.
The little monkey isn't walking yet, but he can climb on everything. We left the boy alone for 30 seconds and came back to see him standing on the picnic table.
Mommy had to work one Saturday so Daddy and the kiddos got to go fishing at Corn Lake.
They didn't catch any fish but did get to have a close up encounter with the geese.
Madelyn in her new apron Amazingly he has never fell asleep in his highchair. This is a common occurrence where he's so sleepy he just has to hold his head up to suck his thumb.
The aftermath of Xavier's first Oreo cookie
Cute little man
ABCD for those about to rock (Mommy's favorite shirt)
Sweet little girl
Wearing her new favorite shirt.
Happy little man who loves to eat!
Wearing Mommy's shoes and attempting to carry Mommy's purse
Mommy made chocolate pudding from scratch....YUM!!

Madelyn doesn't make near the mess that Xavier does, but she also enjoys her food