Sunday, May 9, 2010

mini trip to Denver

We wanted to get out of town for a couple nights so after church on March 7 we headed over the mountains. We went to Denver and stayed for two nights. While we were there, a major rock slide occurred on I-70 in the Glenwood Canyon. It was a LONG drive home with the detour. It's always nice to get away but always good to come home.
This was Xavier's first trip in his new, forward-facing car seat. The poor kid couldn't sleep well because his head kept falling. We stopped to try to find a little neck pillow but they didn't have one so we had to improvise with some towels. Poor kid. We did go to Babies-R-Us in Denver and found a better solution for the ride home. On Monday we went to the Children's Museum. It was a ton of fun!
Madelyn had fun dancing with tap shoes, a Tu-Tu and scarves.
On Tuesday we went the the Aquarium. Both kiddos seemed to enjoy it and then we ate lunch at the restaurant there. It was a nice way to end our little getaway.
It's a bubble girl!!