Friday, July 16, 2010


For five nights Melinda and Michael took a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Allison and Treece Bohall watched the kids for the first couple days until Grandma Freidenberger arrived. It was great to get away, but it was also good to come home to the kiddos.
We took a Jungle Tour. Took a jet ski out in the laguna and through the "jungle" and then to a national park where we snorkeled. We saw lots of fish and a stingray. We missed seeing the baby turtle. We Zip-Lined!! There were 6 different lines, a suspension bridge, and vertical poles to walk between. Melinda only screamed like a little girl on the first line. Michael was brave enough to go upside down but Melinda was more comfortable in the upright position. In the lobby of our hotel (Le Meridien)
Having fun at Margaritaville.
After a delicious meal of shrimp and lobster at the Habichuela restaurant.
Outside AquaWorld where we did our jungle tour.
An iguana on the fish display outside AquaWorld. We saw him when we went in. On the way out we saw him again. A group walked by him and tried to feed him and he jumped on the guy's shirt like an attack. Note to self: do not feed the iguanas.
A view of our hotel. We stayed on the 5th floor, the last balcony to the right.
The view from our balcony--two of the three infinity pools, the beach, and the ocean.
The view of the laguna from our room.