Thursday, July 15, 2010

Durango trip

So this summer instead of the annual Freidenberger camping trip, we went to Durango for a weekend. We rented a cabin next to Vallecito Lake outside of Durango. It was beautiful!! Michael had to work so he wasn't able to join us but we cut out a day early so we could be with him on Father's Day.
On the way down we stopped in Silverton for lunch. While we waited to use the restroom Madelyn wanted to have her picture taken with the Indian. The Swygmans met up with us for lunch and then we caravaned down to Durango. The kids were getting a little antsy and wanted to get down and play right before we left the restaurant. When we got to Durango we met up with Grandpa and Grandma Freidenberger and walked around downtown. Madelyn was so thirsty so Mommy got her an Icee to share with Adriana (along with a bottle of water).
The girls (and Xavier) really enjoyed the Icee.
Poor Amelia had to drink milk while the older girls sucked down the Icee.
Thomas the Train was in town the same weekend. The girls were pretty excited that we got to watch him ride by.
Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Durango to ride the train into Silverton. We enjoyed some bagels before boarding the train.
Amelia was really eyeing Grandma's bagel.
Madelyn and Adriana were fascinated with a dead bug on Melinda's car.
The kids (and Grandma) on the train. Xavier felt the need to lick the window.
All aboard!
Xavier and Papa enjoying the ride.
The scenery was absolutely beautiful!
Looking out our window to the front of the train.
Tired baby #1 (Amelia)
Xavier was having fun playing with Adriana
The girls went and hung out in the open air observation car with Grandma.
Tired baby #2 (Xavier). He finally fell asleep about 5 minutes before the train stopped in Silverton.
The Swygman family + Madelyn in front of the car we rode in. We ended up taking the bus back into Durango so we wouldn't arrive so late. All the kids took a nap on the bus ride back.
The Freidenberger girls and the four grandkids.
After a long day some times you just want to throw one back.
The boy has never had a beer bottle before, but for some reason that evening he was wanting it badly. So after Mommy drank the last of it he got to play with the bottle. At one point he got one last remaining drop and by his facial expression I don't think he really enjoyed it.