Friday, September 18, 2009

Camping 2009

We did the annual Freidenberger camping trip again this year during the second weekend of August. We camped near Taylor Reservoir. Ryan and Suzette found a great secluded location. It was very chilly this year. We kept long sleeve shirts on all day and at night it dipped below freezing!
Grandpa and Grandma talking to a sleepy Xavier. Just like last year, Madelyn and Adriana loved playing in the dirt. This year they also enjoyed playing in the tiny bathroom in Ryan and Suzette's camper. Our sweet little girl can sure get dirty!! She looks like a little hobo.
Madelyn climbed up the little hill behind our campsite. It sure was beautiful!
Madelyn went fishing with Daddy. They didn't catch anything but still had fun.
Little Xavier wouldn't take a nap in the camper or the tent, so the only way he would sleep was strapped into the Moby. Grandma even wore him to get him to calm down.
Madelyn and Adriana playing at night with a lantern and flashlight.
Cute little boy (poor thing broke out in a rash on his chin but we got it cleared up as soon as we got home).