Friday, September 18, 2009

Xavier 6 month and family pics

We took Xavier back to Sears to get his 6 month pictures taken and while we were there we did some family pictures as well. It actually took two visits to get all pictures taken because he was very tired the first time. He was almost 7 months before we got them complete, but we think they turned out great!
Our sweet guy I love the look on his face in this one! Such a happy and delightful guy Sears actually took this one and put in on the wall outside the studio. When he's older I'm sure he will love to know that his butt was displayed for all to see.
I think our little girl looks very pretty and I love the colorwash they did with the picture.
This one is also on the wall at Sears.
He's got dimples in his butt, but we love him! I got a big one like this to put up next to Madelyn's 6-month butt picture. The question is, how old will they be when they tell me to take them down off the wall?
We were done taking pictures, but then I was getting such big smiles out of him that I asked her to take another picture, and so glad I did. It's about my favorite!
Our cute kiddos
It was so hard to get both of them to smile at the same time
About my favorite of the two together
A family shot
My favorite of the four of us
I love the look on Madelyn's face in this one
Another favorite--she kissed him without us asking. What a sweet sister.
I like this one a lot since Xavier often just stares at his sister.
Xavier just wanted to get to Madelyn's dress to chew on it