Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun kiddos

Having fun playing on Daddy Trying to catch the light No teeth yet (that would be food hanging down)
Xavier loves to get his toes
And they make good chew toys too!
Playing in the mirror
Madelyn's favorite treat these days is a push-up pop
Xavier loves his taggy ball! Thanks Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Harold!
Madelyn wearing her cowboy boots and riding her horse.
What's up Spike?
Xavier loves to drink from a cup.
The little boy loves his dog! He doesn't get scared when she kisses him or even when she barks.
Drinking Mommy's water and looking silly
Madelyn has been on a kick lately where she loves to play in her "spaceship". I had to use the flash to get the picture to come out, but they were playing in the dark in the closet. She told me "Mommy, the angels are here with us so leave us alone."
Daddy really decked out Madelyn's spaceship by putting a mirror surface in the spaceship. She can even draw on it with markers. We often have to drag out all the toys in the closet so she can play in the spaceship.
Madelyn hanging out with Xavier in his crib one morning
Xavier loves to ride the lion! He was chasing Madelyn who was riding on her "car"
The did laps all around the house one morning.
Trying on Daddy's cowboy boots
Xavier loved chewing on the empty cob.
Madelyn is always asking where things come from. Our neighbor Crystal invited us over to pick some peaches off her tree. Madelyn enjoyed it and we loved eating the peaches!
Xavier now rides in the wagon with Madelyn. Peaches are his favorite and he was trying to get to them before we got home.
You eat the peaches inside the box, not the box, little buddy!