Monday, November 15, 2010

Misc Summer and Fall 2010

Daddy made a fort using the couch, coffee table, pillows and a blanket. The kids had a blast and there was just a little static under the roof. Xavier is still our little cuddle bug
Madelyn working on her first homework assignment
Xavier is fascinated with his belly button, or as he calls it, his "but." He was just relaxing, watching TV, and playing with his "but."
Xavier loves Wylee. First thing every morning he says "wake" (as in he is awake) and then he asks for Wylee and Madelyn.
Xavier loves to give Wylee hugs and this morning he had to go sit next to her so he could share his book with Wylee.
Enjoying a snack while Mommy mops the floor
Mommy mops, and the kids get to play train or bus
Doing a paint with water picture
Michael has wanted a Flowbee for several years and Melinda said only if it also took care of the dog. Well now that Xavier needs a haircut every few weeks Melinda decided to reconsider the Flowbee (or suck-and-cut as a friend calls it). So for Father's Day, Michael got the RoboCut. It's much better than the Flowbee because it can work on the dog. We haven't used it on Wylee, but Xavier doesn't mind it at all.
We actually have to hold the RoboCut next to his head if we use the scissors or clippers because he doesn't mind as long as he hears the vacuum.
Nothing beats a bedtime story read by Grandma at Grandma and Papa's house
Another awesome thing about Grandma and Papa's house: cookies!!!