Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salt Lake City trip

The one weekend of the summer that we decided to go camping the weather decided against our plans and rained the entire weekend. Instead of camping in the mud, we decided we would have more fun going to Salt Lake City. Our main reason for going was to eat at the Red Iguana restaurant that we saw featured on the Food Network. The food and mole sauce were worth the trip. We also had a great time playing at the Children's museum.
The kids enjoyed playing with the ball vacuum. Xavier buzzing around in the bug car. Madelyn enjoyed cooking up some tasty treats in the kitchen.
"Hello? I'm having fun, what are you up to?"
Busy delivering the mail
Sometimes a boy needs to stop and smell the daisies.
Playing in the water
Riding the horse
Madelyn drove Daddy crazy, I mean she drove him to the grocery store
Picking some apples on the farm
Following in her Mommy's footsteps, her first job is as a cashier
She also enjoyed playing with the gears