Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

Madelyn and Mommy made gingerbread cookies for Christmas. We had to leave Santa some cookies and hot chocolate by the fireplace. Santa brought Madelyn a tabletop easel and Xavier got a ball popper toy. Santa also brought the kids a new picnic table.
Santa did not forget Wylee. She got a stocking full of treats and new toys.
First sight of what Santa brought.
Madelyn running to check out what Santa brought.
Xavier loves his ball popper (and Madelyn thinks it is pretty cool too).
Madelyn checking out her stocking and pulling out a new necklace.
She was so excited and literally jumping up and down!
Xavier did an impressive job unwrapping his presents.
Xavier got a new puppy that looks like Wylee! He's very soft and Xavier sleeps with him every night.
Madelyn decides to hug on Xavier's new puppy.
After we all opened our present, the rest of the Freidenberger family came over and we were able to spend the day with them. It was great to have the Freidenberger family together for two holidays in a row! We enjoyed our traditional butterball lunch! Our good friend Allison also came over since Treece had to work that day.
Madelyn and Adriana scratching Mommy's (Aunt Ninna's) lottery tickets that Santa brought.
Xavier crawled over to Amelia to check her out. He thought she was pretty neat.