Thursday, February 18, 2010

Madelyn's 3rd Birthday Celebration #1

Madelyn had multiple celebrations for her third birthday. We did the first the day after Christmas when Grandma and Papa Freidenberger were still here. She is very much into Princesses, so Melinda made her a Princess cake.
The cake was in the dining room and I caught Madelyn in there on a chair just staring and admiring the cake. It was pretty cute and made me very happy that she loved her cake that much. I just have this thing for making my kids a birthday cake every year and this made it worth the time it takes to make it.
Adriana thought it was pretty neat too.
Madelyn wearing her "Birthday Princess Madelyn" crown for her party.
Blowing out her three candles. Grandma Freidenberger asked her why she had three candles on her cake and she said "Because Mommy didn't get very many." She eventually figured out that she had three candles because she was turning three, not because Mommy was being cheap.
Yum, pink cake!
Her favorite part of the pink cake was the pink icing.
She loved the party blowers.