Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toys and after Christmas fun!

On Christmas day Xavier really mastered pulling himself up to a standing position. Now he stands on everything. He LOVES the dog (in fact he says "doggy" very clearly) and even pulls up on her. Xavier loves Wylee!!! He usually prefers the dog over Mommy and Daddy. Madelyn playing with her new stroller and other baby stuff she got from Grandma and Papa Freidenberger. Pinky is still the favorite doll and she sleeps with her every night.
Playing with Amelia before going to bed.
Giving cousin Amelia some love.
The first time painting using her new easel Santa brought.
An artist at work. She was so serious and concentrating. Pretty cute.
Standing next to her masterpiece (Mommy helped paint the picture of her on the top left hand side)
Xavier likes to sit at the new picnic table.
Using his cup of water to hold up the bottle of milk. Silly boy!
Xavier likes to help with the laundry. He's very good at pulling things out and dropping them on the floor.
As he was "helping" he kept lifting his leg like he wanted in the dryer, so I let him sit inside. I thought about turning it on so the drool spot on his overalls would dry.
A beard of bubbles. He will bend over like he's going to blow bubbles, but that's usually as far as it goes. He can blow bubbles if he really wants to, but he's also been known to bend over and drink some bath water.
Xavier can feed himself, but Madelyn thought she needed to help feed him. She still is a great big sister and helps her brother.