Friday, February 19, 2010

First Haircuts

Xavier's hair was getting a little long. Daddy said he had to have his first birthday before he could get his hair cut. The back was touching his collar and the sides were touching his ears. Madelyn had only had one haircut, and that was just to cut off the mullet/rat tail at 16 months. We decided she needed a trim to get the dead ends. She gladly agreed to a haircut.
She was pretty excited to sit up in the chair with the cape on.
Kathy started to cut. Madelyn did a very good job of sitting still.
Daddy shot video while Mommy wrested Xavier and used the still camera.
After the trim, Kathy braided Madelyn's hair into a princess crown. She thought it was pretty cool.
Then it was Xavier's turn. He got to sit on Mommy's lap. He was very tired because he wouldn't take a nap that morning.
Mommy reassured Xavier that everything was okay while Kathy took the clippers to his hair. He had to hold onto a comb.
He didn't necessarily like the haircut, but he wasn't freaked out by either. He did pretty well considering how tired he was.
Once we had the back and sides done we decided to do a little on the front.
When Mommy first asked Madelyn if she wanted a haircut her response was "Yeah, I do, and I want pink hair." Mommy told her no to the pink hair and she tried to convince her that it was okay by saying "but pink is my favorite color" and "I saw a girl on TV with pink hair and it looked pretty." I told Kathy the story and she ended up finding some pink hair she once used for extensions. She tied a piece into Madelyn's hair and that was the highlight of the day for Madelyn.
She's such a beautiful little girl. She looks so grown up. Time goes by way to fast!